15 Jan 2017

BA English Essay On Saying Please by Alpha of the Plough

On Saying Please

Alpha of the Plough is the pen name of Alfred GeorgeGardiner, an English journalist, biographer and essayist. He is a world famous personality in literature.

Good manners are valuable in life. Bad manners are not a legal offence. Small words of courtesy make the wheel of life greasy. While bad manners make the life repulsive and difficult to live on. Bad manners are not a legal offence, law does not permit us to hit back if we are the victim of bad manners. Bad as well as good manners create a chain of reactions.

The lift man while observing the bad manners also retaliated the same. He threw the man out of the lift because he said only top not as ‘Top Please’.  Discourtesy should never be responded with discourtesy. Otherwise the life would become difficult to live on.

If a burglar breaks into ones’ house, the law compels the house owner to knock him down. If one is assaulted physically, one can retaliate accordingly. But what is of misconduct and bad manners. In the both cases the pain is equal but law does not allow us to box the ears of the persons who bears bad manners. Because bad manners are not put in the category of legal offence.

Bad as well as good manners are infectious. They create a chain of reactions. Once the writer had a chance to travel in a bus. Unfortunately he was with zero money in his pocket. He thought that the conductor might throw him out off the bus. The conductor gave him the ticket and requested the author to pay the money later on. All the way long, the conductor amused the passengers with his jolly mood and words of courtesy.

 That was the reason the people waited for his bus to board on.
One day sitting on the top of the bus the author was reading a book. Suddenly his sensitive part of the toe was trampled on rather heavily. The writer looked up, it was his friend conductor who was already humbled with his sense of sorry. Although the author was hurt badly but good behavior of man healed his pain.

Important questions
1.  If bad manners are infectious, so also are good manners.” Elaborate.
2.  What is the importance of saying, ‘Please’?

   Important Points

   1. Good manners are key to success in life
   2. Bad manners are not a legal offence.
   3. No law allows us to kick back the person who misbehaves with us.
   4. Good manners and bad manners are like infection,create a chain of reactions.
   5. If any burglar beaks into house,one is allowed to hit him but if any one injures the
       feelings of any one,law is silent.
   6. The attitude of the lift man is not appreciable because he retaliates bad manners 
       with bad manners.
   7. The bus conductor has made his life easy by showing good manners.
   8. Everybody waits for his bus and loves to travel with him 
  Summary in points
1. A lift man shows bad manners and throws a man out of the lift,the reason was that the man did not added 'please' with the word 'Top'
2. There is no law against bad manners,law is unable to force anyone to show good manners,though the damages caused by discourtesy are great.
3. A  sword wounds heals soon but injury to any one s' feelings cannot be forgotten.
4. Bad manners and good manners both are infectious and create a chain of reactions.
5. The author also gives the example of a bus conductors who shows good manners and keeps his passengers happy.

6. Once the writer forgot his purse at home but the conductor gave him ticket happily with a smiling face.
6. The good conductor was always helpful and he eased his passengers.So, he made his job easier for himself.
7. If we are behaved well,we behave nicely with others,but if we are misbehaved, our attitude becomes rough with others.
8.This is why wars had a negative impact on human history.