15 Oct 2016

2nd Year English Model Paper/Past papers

2nd Year: English Time: 2:30 hrs

Marks: 80         Subjective Types

Q. No. 3: (a). Write the short answers of any six questions. (6x2=12)
i. Why is life not possible on other planets?
ii. How has Los Angles solved the problem of water?
iii. What are superstitious beliefs?
iv. Why does a boy not follow the direction of his parents?
v. What is the attitude of the lazy bluffers?
vi. Why does the writer feel the voice of his maid a summons to damnation?
vii. Why was the writer determined to destroy the books?
viii. Why was the writer hesitant at first in throwing the books?
ix. What did the chemist say to the writer?

(b). Write the short answers of any six questions. (6x2=12)
i. Why does the writer call the examination “inhospitable regions”?
ii. How did Mr. Somervell teach English?
iii. In whose favour is the writer biased and why?
iv. When and from where did Christopher start his journey?
v. Why did they kill the camel?
vi. How much of the desert journey had he covered on reaching Timbuktu?
vii. What is the similarity between Antiseptic and aseptic method?
viii. How did Fleming discover lysozyme?

(c). Write the short answers of any eight questions from Good-Bye Mr. Chips.  (8x2=16)
i. Who is the writer of Good-Bye Mr. Chips?
ii. What piece of advice id weather by give Mr. Chips and why?
iii. What punishment did Mr. Chips give colley and why?
iv. When did wetherby join Brookfield?
v. How did Mr. Chips keep himself busy at Mrs. Wicket’s?
vi. How did Mr. Chips have a chance meeting with Katherine?
vii. How was Katharine in appearance?
viii. What did Katherine believe about women?
ix. What type of joke from Mr. Chips had never failed to please the boys?
x. What happened after the poplar boys had been defeated at Soccer?
xi. Who was Faulkner?
xii. What kind of April foolery did Mr. Chips not realize?

Q. No. 4. Write an essay (300-400 words) on any ONE of the following topics: 15
i. My First Day at College ii. My Favorite Pastime
iii. Co-Education iv. Why I Love Pakistan

Q. No.5. Use any five of the following idioms in sentences of your own: 10
A fish out of water , Bad blood , A bone of contention, Black sheep, A maiden speech , A broken reed, Break the ice , By fits and starts.

Q. No. 6. Translate the following passage into English. 15
علامہ اقبال ہمارے قومی شاعر ہیں۔وہ سیالکوٹ میں پیدا ہوے۔ابتدائی تعلیم واہاں سے حاصل کی۔اِس کے بعد وہ   لاہور آ گئے۔وہاں سے فلسفہ میں ایم اے کیا۔ اِس کے  بعد وہ اِنگلستان چلے گئے۔وہاں سے وکالت کی ڈگری حاصل کرنے کے بعد وطن واپس آ گئے۔ لاہور میں وکالت شروع کر دی لیکن جلد ہی اُسے خیر باد کہہ دیا۔آپ کی زیادہ تر دلچسپی شاعری میں تھی۔ آپ نے اپنے اشعار سے مسلمانوں میں ایک نیا جوش پیدا کر دیا۔                                                                                                                        

2nd Year: English Time: 30 mins

Marks: 20         Objective Types

Q. No. 1:  (a). Tick the right choice of the following underlined words from. (03)
i. And inevitably it is an important reason for apparent failure.
a. clearly b. entirely c. necessarily d. probably
ii. Dreamed of almost mythical summer holidays were at hand.
a. Temporary b. imaginary c. mystical d. practical
iii. If was a tramp.
a. Scholar b. traveler c. coward d. vagabond
(b). Tick the right choice of the following under-lined words from. (03)
i. And then merciful ushers collected my piece of foolscap.
a. door-keeper b. examiners c. supervisors d. inspectors
ii. He knew he was going to collapse.
a. Hit on b. give up c. break down d. bear with
iii. Their culture plates were never contaminated.
a. Diseased b. cleaned c. sophisticated d. medicated
(c). Tick the right choice of the following under-lined words from the novel Goodbye Mr. Chips. (04)
i. But its subsequent history never raised it to forest – rank status.
a. later b. earlier c. significant d. consistent
ii. Not that he was boastful or conceited.
a. Ambitious b. experienced c. respected d. proud
iii. He realized the inadequacy of his qualifications.
a. Leniency b. proficiency c. insufficiency d. indecency
iv. About once in ten times he was adamant and wouldn’t be persuaded.
a. Negligent b. stubborn c. conscious d. timid

Q. No. 2: (a). Fill in the following blanks with appropriate prepositions. (05)
i. This passage alludes ………………….. the Pakistan resolution.
a. at b. to c. with d. of
ii. I am certain ……………….. my success in the examination.  
a. at b. to c. for d. of
iii. He always grumbles …………….. his lot.
a. at b. in c. after d. with
iv. He is blind …………. one eye.
a. of b. at c. from d. in
v. You are no match ………….. him.
a. for b. with c. to d. before
(b). Tick the correct options. (05)
i. My father gave me many advices.
a.    My father gave me many advice. b. My father gave me much advices.
c.    My father gave me much pieces of advice. d. My father gave me many pieces of advice.
ii. Each of us have a pen.
a. Each of us has a pen. b.  Each of we have a pen.
c.   Every of us has a pen. d.  Everyone of us have a pen.
iii. I hope you are keeping good health.
a. I hope you are keeping a good health b. I hope you are enjoying good health
c.   I hope you will keep good health. d. I hope you are taking good health.
iv. I would go if I was you.
a. I will go if I was you. b. I would go if I am you.
c.   I would go if I are you. d. I would go if I were you.
v. I am not sure if he will succeed.
a.    I am not sure if he would succeed b.    I am not sure if he succeeds.
c.    I am not sure if he had succeed. d.   I am not sure if he will be succeeded.

Mr. Chips' Life Timeline

Mr. Chips Life Timeline
1848: Mr. Chip’s was born

1860: He was at Cambridge University for his studies and remained there till 1870

1869: Chips joined Melbury School

1870: He joined Brookfield School

1880: Epidemic German measles broke out

1896: He married Katherine Bridges

1898: Katherine Bridges died

1900: He became senior teacher and the same year Ralston was appointed as headmaster

1902: Chips punished Collingwood     
1908: He rowed with Ralston

1911: Chatteris became the head master of the school

1913: Chips resigned from the Brookfield School
1914:  WW1 broke out

1916:  On the request of Chatteris, he rejoined BFS (Brookfield School)

1917: Chatteris died and Chips became the headmaster of BFS

1918: HE retired for the second time

1926:  A general strike in England

1930: Chips made his will

1933: He died at the age of 85

Important Information

It is a famous novel written by James Hilton. He wrote this novel only in two days. This novel was first published in 1934. The protagonist of this novel is Mr. Chippings who is often called Mr. Chips.
Mr. Chips , by profession , is a teacher who teaches Latin and Greek languages. He is a man of worthy credence. He married Katherine Bridges and this marriage lasted for two years. When she met Mr. Chips one night before their marriage, she called him Good Bye Mr. Chips. At the end of the novel the same words were said to Chips by his student named Linford. These words influenced Mr. Chips' life both times. This is the reason the name of the novel is selected as "Good Bye Mr. Chips".

Principals of Brookfield

  • Wetherby                             1840-1870
  • Meldrum                              1870-1900
  • Ralston                                1900-1911
  • Chatteris                              1911-1917
  • Cartwright                           1917- onward

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