22 Oct 2016

10th English Translation Solved Passages

Here are all paragraphs translated for tenth grade students


There is a garden in front of my house. There are many plants and trees in it. Many coloured flowers bloom in the spring season. Their fragrance spreads all around. In the evening, the garden is filled with men, women and children. The people walk about and enjoy themselves. Children run in the garden. Now they are here and the next moment they are at the other corner of the garden. Every evening, I also go for a stroll in the garden. Many gardeners look after the garden.


Such moments occur in the ups and down of life when a man loses his hope totally. He ses darkness all around and his power of competition comes to an end. It is against man s’ didnity. All the progress made by the world is the result of that determination and perseverance that God has bestowed on man. A man should never lose hope but he should face the failures manly. God will, one day, grant him due success.


Once upon a time, a jackal lived at the bank of a river. On the other bank of the river, there were many melon-fields. The river was wide and deep. The jackal wanted to eat to his fill. He could not cross the river. One day, he said this friend camel, “I shall be very grateful to you, if you take me to the other bank of the river.” The camel agreed to it. The jackal jumped onto the camel s’ back. Wading through the river, the camel reached the other side of the river.  The jackal rushed into the melon-fields and started eating melons with a great relish.


It is feared that the oil of the world will run out after a few years. Every country is trying to discover new reserves of oil. It is not known that how far this effort will succeed. It is the need of the hour that we should reduce our oil requirements. The consumption of oil in agriculture and industry cannot be minimized. But private needs can be reduced. We should import buses in place of cars so that the bus facilities for the students may be improved.


I read in 10th class. The school wherein I read is a famous school of the city. Four teachers teach my class. They all are very able. But I like Mr. Zaid most of all. He teaches us English and mathematics. His teaching methodology is so good that what he teaches us we lean it at once. This is why; his class always produces hundred percent results.

There was a miser. Once he lost his wallet. He announced, “Who searches my wallet and brings it to me, I shall give him ten rupees.” One day a farmer brought his wallet. The miser looked into it. There were exact one hundred rupees in it. When the farmer demanded his reward, the miser said, “There were one hundred and ten rupees in my wallet. Now it has only hundred rupees. You have already taken ten rupees.”

Anarkali is the busiest bazaar in Lahore. It is always crowded with people. Shops remain open till late at night. You can buy almost every kind of article from here. Some people come here to buy goods but many visit it only for recreation. There are also many hawkers in Anarkali. They sell buttons, needles, laces, clips and many other things of this type. Some pickpockets also visit it. If you visit Anarkali, beware of them.


It is our moral duty to respect the parents. They care us very much. They feed us. And provide us dress. They provide us all the things we need. They send us to school so that we may serve them after getting education. It will give us comfort.


Once two friends set off on a journey. They promised that they would stand by each other in the hour of need. They reached a jungle. They saw a bear advancing towards them. One of them ran and climbed up a tree. His friend could not climb up the tree. He lay down and held his breath.

We lived in a village before coming to city. We were very happy in the village. We used to get up early in the morning. After performing the ablution, we offered our prayers, and then we went to the green fields for a walk. At noon, we used to sleep in the shade of the trees. A stream ran by the village. Its water was cool and transparent.


Once a crow was thirsty. It flew from one place to another but could not find water. At last, it reached a garden. There it saw a pitcher of water. It got much happy. It looked into the pitcher. Water was so low in the pitcher that its beak could not reach it. The crow was wise. It devised a plan.


It has been more than two hundred and fifty years ago that there lived a boy in a small town in Germany. His name was George Fredrik Handle. His father was a famous doctor. One day, the old doctor said to his son, “George, one day, you will also get fame. Either you might be a great doctor or a judge.” George replied, “I want to be neither a doctor nor a judge. I want to devote my life for music.” And in real one day he became a great musician.


Karachi is an important and beautiful city. It is the biggest city over Pakistan. It is located at the shore of the Arabian Sea. It has a temperate climate. Here sea breeze and land breeze go on blowing. Once it was the capital of Pakistan. It is a sea port. We trade with other countries through this sea port. Our beloved leader Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi. His mausoleum is also in this city. The people who visit Karachi, offer ‘Fateha’ on Quaid e Azam s’ tomb.


Atomic energy can be used for the benefit of the man. It  can also be used to destroy the world. It can generate electricity for us. There is a power house in Karachi. Nowadays there are possibilities of producing cheap electricity from atomic energy.  We should use atomic energy only for peaceful purposes.


Anwar is my best friend. His father is a teacher. He is very honest and pious man. Anwar lives near to our house. His house is very good and beautiful. We go to school together. I go to his house in the evening. We study together. He always stands first in the examination. He wears neat and clean clothes.

Milk is a perfect diet. It is sweet and delicious. Its color is white. We mostly get milk from cows and buffaloes. It makes us strong and healthy. We also make curd, butter and cheese out of it. Milk is a valuable diet for children and patients. We should always use milk after boiling it.


Lion is a powerful animal. It seems very terrible. It has long hair on its mane. It is found in the forests of Africa and Asia. It lives in caves. It is called the king of jungle. It is the worst enemy of the man. But the hunters steal its cubs. They train them and make them work at circus.


A young man was sitting in the garden. He was a bit worried. After some time, and old man entered the garden. He handed over a letter to the young man. The young man opened the letter and read it. He became very happy after reading it. His signs of anxiety disappeared. He thanked the old man.

Passage .19

Lahore is an ancient and historical city. It is located at the bank of River Ravi. It is the capital of the Punjab province. There are many historical buildings in it, Badshahi Mosque is one of the biggest Mosques over the world. Near to Shahi Mosque is Iqbal s' Tomb. Iqbal had given us the idea of Pakistan, The Pakistan Resolution was also passed in Lahore. Minar-e- Pakistan was built in the commemoration of that resolution. It was built in Iqbal Park.


Alahdin lived in Beijing, a city in China. His father worked as a tailor. He was very hardworking man. Alahdin was still young when his father died.He and his mother lived a life of extreme poverty. He was very sluggish. He played all day long in the streets and did nothing. But he was strong and powerful physically.


We saw many animals in the zoo. We had never seen these animals before. All of us got very happy. My younger brother was happy in special. When he saw the peacock, he started jumping with in joy. He said to the father, "Father! Can you buy a peacock for me?". It is very beautiful bird. Father told that it was not for sale.


My mother loves me very much. She always takes care of my health. She cooks the food of my choice. But she stops me from over eating. She provides me good clothes. She is against costly clothes. She teaches me books regularly. I am a bit weak in English, therefore she has appointed a tutor for me. She reminds me studies every day.


Aurengzaib was a very good natured and pious king. He got up early in the morning and worshipped God. He had issued a decree in his reign to get up early in the morning and to worship God and do good deeds so that all the day might pass happily. He used to set his court with the sun rise and listened to the petitions of the poor, the needy, dependent and the destitute. He treated them with love, asked after them with great attention and fulfilled their needs.


This Youngman came with the intention to kill Quaid-e-Azam. When he saw that no one was around, he pulled out his knife hurriedly. He pounced upon Quaid-e- Azam. God had bestowed a lot of wisdom and courage on Quaid-e- Azam. He stretched out his long arm and held the murderer s’ hand firmly. He called his private secretary. All the people had witnessed that Quaid was a brave man.


Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was born in Makah. His father s’ name was Hazrat Abdullah (RA). His grandfather brought him up. At the age of 25, he married Hazrat Khadijja (RA). At the age of 40, he said, “I am a Prophet, listen to me carefully. God is one, worship Him.”


In ancient times, there lived a trader in Kabul. He had a son. The merchant son s’ was fond of studies since his childhood. His father got him educated with full attention, sent him to able teachers, got him educated through good institutions and provided him good books. As a result, while growing into age, he became skilful in many disciplines of that age. When the fame of his knowledge accessed the king, he got very happy. The king appointed merchant s’ son as his minister and started doing his every work in consultation with him.


It is our house. I was just five years old when father bought it. I have been living in this house for ten years. Our family is very large. But this house is very small. Father says that he will sell out this house and buy a big one in Gulberg. But I do not want to leave this house. I am in love with this house.

Passage. 28
Amjad parents had died during his childhood. He became an orphan. His uncle brought him his house. The uncle had no son. He brought him up like his own son. Amjad passed his M.A exams and he got a good job. Now his uncle had grown old. Amjad served his uncle like his own father. Uncle made him his son-in-law. Now Amjad had become the member of his uncle family.

Passage. 29
Hazrat Ayesha (RA) was the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (RA) who was an intimate friend of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). She was the wife of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). She lived in a small room. It was a simple room with a low roof. She did her household activities herself. His life was simple. She had a great love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH). She was very intelligent and knew a lot about Islam.