14 Sept 2016

BA English Short Story'Araby' by James Joyce/Critical appreciation

James Joyce

James Joyce is a famous Irish Novelist and short story writer. His story " Araby" describes a conflict between the objective world and the  subjective  of a hardly young boy and it ends up with a passionate resolution of the defeat of the central character at the hand of the world..In this story the writer makes a psychological observation of the human problems in the modern life.

The story depicts a conflict between the world of reality and the world of dreams. It tells us as to how a boy, who is hardly young, falls prey to the beauty of a girl and his love for her gives him nothing but disappointment. It is only one sided love and the girl even does not know of his feelings.

There was a young boy who lived in a lonely street. He used to play in the street with other boys.One of these boys was Mnangan who also lived in the same street. Mangan s' sister usually came out on her door to call her brother. The young boy looked at her and was greatly impressed by her beauty..he started loving her in his heart..He used to wait for her to go school.

 As soon as she came out of her house, the young boy followed her and when they reached at a point at which their ways diverged, he quickened his pace and passed her. This happened morning after morning. H did not have the courage to express his love to her.

 It was rather because he was too young for that..He used strange methods to express his love. Sometimes he would stand at the railing of his house and imagined her to be there. Sometimes he would repeat her name again and again. He would even weep when he was unable to see her.
At last he happened to talk to her one day. She asked him if he was going to Araby.

 He was so confused that he did not remember whether he said yes or no..She further said that it was a splendid bazaar and that she would love to go there. He promised that if he went there he would bring her something.

Now the idea of going to Araby , dominated him and he wanted to go there as soon as possible..His aunt permitted him to go there on Saturday evening. On Saturday, he waited anxiously for the evening because his uncle was to come in the evening to give him money for the bazaar .

But unfortunately, his uncle came very late because he had forgotten. He did not even give him any money and the boy went out for Araby only with a small coin in his pocket. At last, he reached Araby. Nearly all the bazaar had been closed but a few stall were still opened. He liked a vase for the girl but it was very expensive and he did not have enough money in his pocket to buy it.

Thus he returned home without purchasing anything for her. Gazing up into the darkness he saw himself as a creature driven and derided by vanity and his eyes burned with anguish and anger.

Important Questions:

1.The short story, 'Araby' describes the immature feelings of love of the boy---How?
2.The story makes a difference between subjective and objective world....discuss?
3.Is the girl aware of the feelings of the boy?

Theme of the Story:
The author very successfully points out the inner conflict of a teenager.He reflects what is going on in the mind of an immature lover.This life is like a panorama of incidents and everything happens within a time frame.No one can supersedes this time frame.

This mentally immature guy builds some dreams of love.He starts running after these dreams which proves only illusion at the end.He is living a life far away from the realistic approach of life.

He constructs the building of his love on a nice gift  for the girl.But,he is not aware of the reality that he is not in this position yet.He is so coward fellow that he is totally unable to express his love for that girl.

He adopts absurd methods to give  vent to his feelings for her.This shows his totally impotency in love.Love feelings arise naturally in the mind of a boy who is coming to age.But this boy has no proper knowledge how to express these natural feelings.

The main reason  may be that he is not treated properly at home.There is no one who can teach him the difference between the subjective world and the world of objectivity.

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