13 Jul 2016

BA English Modern Essay 'Walking on the Moon' by David R. Scott

                       WALKING ON THE MOON

                                       David R. Scott

To land on the surface of the Moon was Americans’ political plan. They wanted to outdo

The R.S.S.R in the mission to land first on the Moon. The American sent nine expeditions on
the moon between 1969 and 1972. In the last expedition, two astronauts David R. Scott and
James b. Irwin landed on the moon in the L.M. Falcon while their third companion Major
Alfred Warden circled overhead in the spaceship, Endeavour.
The essay, Walking on the Moon” , has been written by David R. Scott and it projects his
experiences on hurtlessssn.

There they explored the mountains by driving the Rover, a better operated jeep. They

collected the different samples of rocks and soil of the moon weighing some 78.6 Kg. To
describe the experience on the moon to the mankind was difficult for them, so they
referred them to the experiences with which we are quite familiar on the Earth. They say
that to drive the rover over the surface of the Moon was just like to steer a small boat on
the surface of the rough sea.

To fall on the surface of the Moon was just like a child falls on the Earth, hurtles. Walking

and stopping on the surface was quite difficult.  They felt a if they were walking on the
trampoline. When they descended on the Moon, they felt themselves free. There their
weight was reduced to one sixth of the Earth. As they moved forward they saw beautiful
colors. There was perfect stillness on the Moon because of the absence of wind and sound.
They made three visits on the surface of the Mon from the L.M and each of their expedition
lasted for about seven hours. They did many experiments on the Moon. They dug and
drilled its surface. The view of the Earth from the moon was splendid.

After completing their mission, they returned. They were filled with great pride. As a token

of their expedition they left certain objects on the moon. For example, there they left a plate
of aluminum bearing the names of spacecraft, the date of their mission and a list of crew.
They also left a falcon feather, a clover, a statue of a man in the space suit, a metal plate.

Points to remember:
1. It was political decision of America to land their man on the surface of the Moon
2. They started their voyage to the Moon on 28th July 1971
3. Two astronauts David R. Scott and James Irvin landed on the Moon while third companion Major Alfred Warden circled on the orbit sitting in the Endeavour
4. Before landing they took twelve revolution around the Moon
5. Each revolution took two hours, one hour at the day side of the Moon and one hour at the night side of the moon
6. When their spaceship landed on the surface of the Moon, it raised a huge storm of the moon dust which blinded the space men for the time being
7. To describe their physical sensation over the Moon, Scott created similarities with the actions done on the Earth
8. Due to less gravity ,their weight reduced to 1/6 on the Moon
9. To walk and to stop required more exertion and they walked as one was walking on trampoline
10. They fell on the surface of the Moon just like a child and remained unhurt
11.  The movement of the Rover ,a battery operated jeep was like small ship on the rough sea
12. They dug different places on the Moon and collected some seventy two kg rock samples
13.   Moon dust was as thin as talcum powder and its smell was like gunpowder
14.   After spending 67 hours on the Moon they returned successfully to the Earth, they also left certain object as a token of their visit on the Moon

15.  Scott becomes nostalgic when he sees Moon from the Earth