2 Oct 2017

BA English Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs

1. Bear way  حا صل کیا He bore away the first prize in the final examination.
2. Bear outتصدیق کرنا  Who will bear out the honesty of your word?
3. Bear downپسپا کرنا He has  born down his enemy with heavy hand.
4. Blow outبجھا دینا     When you go the bed, you should blow out the candle.
5. Break downصحت کا خراب ہونا His health broke down due to  hard work.
6. Break inسکھانا    He has broken in his horse.
7. Break into نقب لگانا The thief broke into the house and stole many precious things.
8. Bring aboutوجہ بننا  His lack of hard work brought about his failure in the
9. Bring downساتھ چھوڑنا You should not bring down your sincere friends.
10. Bring roundہوش میں لانا  Many boys fainted due to heat but the doctor brought
them round very soon.

11. Bring to لانا The matter was brought to my notice.
12. Call at I called at his house but he was not present.
13. Call on He called on the principal in the evening.
14. Carry out تعمیل کرنا  He carried out the orders of his boss.
15. Cast down افسردہ کرنا His failure cast him down very much.
16. Come about واقع ہونا How did this incident come about?
17. Come downکم کرنا The government should try to come down the prices.
18. Come of بالغ ہونا He comes of  a very noble family.
19. Come byاچانک ھاتھ لگنا How did you come by this beautiful watch?
20. Cut off How many men are cut off in their youth?

BA English phrasal verbs
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BA English phrasal verbs

BA English phrasal verbs

BA English phrasal verbs


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  7. A.A sir... are these phrasal verbs enough to attempt a paper?

  8. Are these phrasal verbs enough to attempt a paper?

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