14 Jul 2016

BA English Modern Essay'My Grandfather' by WB Yeats

                               MY GRANDFATHER

                                                 W.B. Yeats

W.B Yeats was a famous Irish poet, playwright and statesman who made a tremendous
contribution in the revival of Irish Literature. He was also awarded with Nobel Prize for
literature in 1923. My Grandfather”, is an extract from his autobiography “Reveries over
Childhood and Youth”. In this piece of literature Yeats recollects his memories of his
maternal grandfather, William Pollexfen.

The writer recollects numerous incidents of his childhood. He remembers sitting upon his
grandfather s’ knee and looking out of the window. He often remained sad in his childhood
and it was due to his loneliness and fear of his grandfather.  Though his grandfather had
never been harsh and cruel to him yet it was a tradition to be afraid of him and to respect
him. The writer often thought that he was wicked and prayed for his death but when he
thought that he might die, he prayed for life.

The grandfather belonged to an old Cornish family and his father was in army who became
the owner of some ships after his retirement. His mother was a Vexford woman. The writer
grandfather was the only son of his parents; therefore, he had no relations. . He was very
strong fellow and had great physical strength. .

 He had a reputation of never ordering anyone to do anything which he himself could not do
. Once there was a problem in the rudder
of the ship. He asked the crew to go down to remove the problem but no one was ready to go
into the water as it was very cold.

The grandfather himself dived into the water and
removed the problem. He was a man of hot temperament. He always had a hatchet with
him in case of any thief or burglar. Instead of going to law, he would knock a man down.

The Bible and Falcon s’ Shipwreck were his favorite books.
On the other hands,   the writer s’ grandmother was gentle and patient. She did many
charities among the poor women. She was much fond of gardening.

Important Questions:

1. Write the character sketch of Yeats' grandfather?
2.Make a comparison of grandfather with grand mother?
3.What was Yeats' sadness reason during his childhood?
4.Is Yeats describing his maternal or paternal grandfather?

Important points:
1.      In this essay W.B Yeats give the character sketch of his grandfather-William Pollexfen
2.      Yeats says that in his childhood he remained sad but with the passage of time it vanished
3.      His maternal grandfather was a strict person, he had formed many strict rules and regulations in his home and it was necessary for all to follow these rules
4.      Grandfather belonged to an old Cornish family and his father was a military men and mother was a Wexfordian woman.
5.      Grandfather was a very strong fellow and he never asked anyone to do any work which he himself could not do.
6.      Once there was a problem in the rudder of the ship, grandfather asked the captain to remove it, on his refusal the grandfather himself dived into the water and removed the problem
7.      He always had a hatchet with him kin case of any burglar
8.      Falcon s’ shipwreck and the Bible were his favourite books.
9.      He had a railway pass but its misuse was not allowed by him.
10.  As per his order the keys of the stable yard were given to him at 8 pm sharp but it was never locked
11.  Contrary to that writer s’ grandmother was very kind, once she gave something for eating to the writer b/w the meals

12.  At every night, carrying a candle she circled round the house to release any thief from grandfather.

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