19 Jun 2016

BA English Modern Essay 'Naga saki August 9,1945' by Michaito Ichimaru

Nagasaki August 9,1945

Michaito Ichimaru

The essay , “ Nagasaki August 9, 1945” ,  gives a graphic description of the horrible disaster

which was caused by the atomic blast. America dropped to atom bombs on the two cities of
Japan to force them to surrender.  It was an extreme step by the Americans which caused
unlimited death, destruction and misery for the Japanese.

The author was a student of medicine at the Nagasaki University of Medicine. He was one of

the survivors of the atomic explosion. As an eye witness to the atomic explosion, he gives us
description of the horrible destruction caused by the explosion. He is of the view that man
should give up the use of his deadly weapon in future if, they want to save the word.

It was the beautiful and bright morning of August 9 , 1945, when the writer departed for

his medical college. But he came to know that his tram car had derailed, so he decided to go
back to his hostel. This became the reason of his survival. . At 11 Am, a B-29 bomber plane
passed over head and dropped the atom bombs. The air flashed a brilliant yellow and there
was a huge blast of wind. . In no time, the sky turned black and black rain started to fall.

 The writer ran downstairs to seek shelter in the toilet. . After a while, when he came to his

sense, he came out. .He wanted to go to his medical college but could not go there as there
were blasts of fire everywhere.  Many people were coming from Urakami  . They were
seriously injured and were in miserable plight with impression less eyes.

The next day, he was able to reach the targeted pace.  Where his medical college was

located.  He found that everything had destroyed. Only the skeletons of the buildings were
left. . There were dead bodies everywhere. He saw  a large numbers of burnt bodies.

Most of his classmates had died. Some of them were still alive but they were unable to

move their bodies.  Their clothes were in rages, bloody and dirty. The writer took them to
their houses but all of them died in the following days. The causalities were so large in
number that it was very difficult to dispose them all. So those were gathered in a huge pile
and were burnt to ashes.

It is most important essay in BA English syllabus of all major universities including Punjab

university Lahore, Pakistan. Students must focus on the message of the essay and destruction
caused by the atomic attack.

Points to Remember:
1.The writer of this essay,at the time of atomic attack,was a first year medical student at Nagasaki.
2.America dropped atom bombs on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945 at 11 AM through B-29 bomber plane.
3.The writer was  a lucky fellow because he could not reach there as his tram had been derailed.This was the only cause of his survival.
4.As a result, the roof of his toilet got a big hole due to huge blast.
5.The radiation was more than 7000 rads at the place of blast.
6.Mostly,the  buildings had destroyed and turned into rubble.
7.On the day of blast, the writer was unable to reach there as there were fires everywhere.
8.Next day ,he reached his college,the building of the college had totally destroyed,most of his college fellow had died,the rest died in the following days.
9.Dead bodies lay everywhere.The back hill had lost its all greenery.
10.The writer was an eye witness of that tragedy,it was very difficult for him to describe the  horrors he witnessed.
11.They gathered the dead bodies and set them to fire.
12. The message of the essay is that mankind should renounce  the use of nuclear weapons in future.

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