16 Apr 2016

BA English Modern Essay 'Whistling of Birds' by D.H Lawrence

Easy Notes for BA English

                                 WHISTLING OF BIRDS
                                           D.H. Lawrence
D.H Lawrence is  a famous English poet, novelist and critic. He is known for his love for
nature. He was also a great moralist.

In ‘Whistling of Birds’ , he expresses his natural feelings as well as  his fascination for
nature. The essay is  a vivid description of the change from winter to spring. The writer
describes first the cold and dull winter. Winter is a dull season as it kills the beauty of
nature. It is the season of death and destruction and is also the season of

Everything turns yellow and brown in the harsh winter. The birds start dying in
this season. It  stops the whistling of birds. Death rules everywhere.
The transformation from winter into spring had hardly started to occur. The birds were
also responding to this change instinctively.

  They had stated singing and their songs were itself  giving a message of the approach of the spring.. Although the torn remains of the birds could be seen scattered everywhere yet the whistling birds had forgotten the past and they were inclined only to herald spring season which was now setting in.  The death is unable to stop the onrush of life as winter was unable to stop the onrush of spring.

The writer is of the view that this change is a natural phenomenon and it is beyond our
control. We can neither prolong winter nor hold back the spring. In the presence of winter,
spring is absent as in the presence of life death flees away .They cannot co-exist. The same
is the case with human life. We are also either happy or sad but we cannot be happy and
sad together.

Whistling of Birds” shows writer s’ love for nature-discuss?
Lawrence very successfully describes the change of nature in this essay. Change of seasons
is a phenomenon of nature. Nature goes on completing it life cycle round the year. Winter
and  spring are totally incompatible to each other.

 When there is winter, there is no sign of
the spring season and when there is spring , there is no sign of winter. This journey of
nature is going on parallel  but in the two directions. Winter gives forth spring and spring
gives forth winter.

Points to Remember:
1.It is a highly symbolic essay:the writer has used many symbols of nature,expressing his deep love for the elements of nature,he has very successfully expressed the cycle of life and death.
2.Summer,spring symbolize life whereas winter and autumn symbolize death and destruction.
3.Death like life is as inevitable as autumn and spring are inevitable.Both are opposite but are necessary in this life cycle.
4.Death cannot stop the onrush of life,likewise life cannot stop the onrush of death.
5. With complete incompatibility,these both factors go side by side.
6. Autumn causes death of the birds while spring causes whistle of the birds.
7.Life give forth to death and death give forth to life.
8. In the presence of death life flies away and in the presence of life death flies away.