21 Feb 2016

BA B.Sc English Multi Topic Essay and some more important essays

BA English Multi Topic Essay                                                                  Watch Video Tutorial                                  

Corruption                      Unemployment                 Smuggling
Inflation                         Traffic Problems                Price Hike
Over population             Poverty                               Drugs
Terrorism                        Mass Illiteracy                   Sectarianism
Beggary                          Economic Crisis                 Bribery
Self-Reliance                  Nepotism                              Accountability
Tax Evasion                    Dowry                                Economic Injustice                          Favouritism                         Political Instability                       Provincialism                                        Regionalism

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1. The meanings of_________
2. A symbol of destruction
3. A severe threat to nation s' unity and prosperity
4. Distress and instability becomes the order of the day
5. No area and department is safe from it

Pakistan is facing ____now a days. It is not only the problem of Pakistan but all over the world, especially in the third world countries. It is symbolization of disaster and destruction. ______is raising restlessness in the country and it is engulfing the unity and prosperity of the nation. It is a big barrier in the way of a progressing society. Its losses are limitless; therefore, a good image of the country is easily spoiled through _____.

Distress and instability become the order of the day. It is like a white elephant which is eating fast the nations’ strength and unity. The common people are heavily facing this monster. Current situation of _______ is a disturbing situation for peace and calm. Its demand is only negative for the sake of some rise-up people. If the evil of ______ is not nipped in the bud it may spread rapidly like a wild fire. It is an unending epidemic that deprives people from mental, physical, spiritual, moral, and economic health and of territorial integrity as well.

This evil of _____ is going up in its network. There is no area or community which is safe from it. Its publication is only because of public lack of awareness and knowledge. Young old and children are going to be intoxicated by it. Its network is spoiling the new generation gradually. It hypnotizes the mental approach of the people. It is enhancing a number of many other problems. The community has no proper idea to pass their routine life. It has transferred the common life into confusion and woes.

Moral and ethical values are being deteriorated. If a human being thinks and evaluates his current life, he feels that he is not secure. Abundant resources are not enough to control this permanent social evil.

The problem of_____ can be controlled through well planning, systematic strategies and the role of public along with N.G.Os. We can eradicate this problem by following the teachings of Islam. We should also cooperate with one another to finish this deadly ever-growing problem.  An organized program is needed to accomplish our target. Sagacious atmosphere positive attitude are compulsory to overcome the problem of corruption.

BA B.Sc English Essay on Coronavirus

BA English Important Essays Topics

  1. CPEC-China Pakistan Economic Corridor
  2. Democracy in Pakistan
  3. Energy Crisis in Pakistan
  4. The Evils of corruption
  5. Energy Crisis
  6. The Problems faced by Pakistani Students
  7. Woman Place in Islam
  8. Women Emancipation
  9. Co-Education
  10. Our Examination System
  11. War Against Terrorism
  12. Role of Woman
  13. Unrest among students
  14. The problem of Load shedding
  15. Economic Benefits of Gowader Port


1. Introduction:
Women empowerment refers to give equal status to women
socially, economically, politically as well as inside and outside of the houses. The
topic is still debate able throughout the world for a long time.

2. Past scenario in Pakistan:
 If we look back in the history of Pakistan, we come to
prove that women have been maltreated, disrespected and killed on the name
of honour, married to Quran, the victim of exchange marriage (WattaSatta),
been considered as a commodity, not a human.

3. We are developing nation:
Ours is a developing country. Half of the population of Pakistan consists
of women. It means if women are not empowered we will lag far behind in the
process of progress. To level the ground and giver them protection, Hadood Ordinance was promulgated by then chief martial Zia-ul-Haq, in 1979. But
Hadood Ordinance was criticized by majority.

4. Women empowerment Bill 2015: Recent government has passed long awaited
Bill: Women empowerment Bill 2015. As per this bill women will be given equal
opportunities in every walk of life. They will be promoted socially, economically.
They will also be protected inside as well as outside the houses. The Bill has been much debated inside as well as outside the assembly. Religious scholars are not
in favour of this bill. They say that it is against Islam. It allows punishing the
women physically if the need arises. If it is implemented the women will go
unbridled. Family system may be collapsed.
In our country the literacy rate is very low especially that of women. Ours is a
country where feudal and capitalistic system is very strong. If we want this bill to
be successful, we should take following steps.
I. Firstly, we should raise literacy rate.
II. Secondly, we should abolish feudal and capitalistic system.

5. Advantages of Empowerment Bill:
No doubt, there are many advantages of
This bill will empower the women socially. The women will get equal status in
the society. They will have equal job opportunities.
Secondly, through this bill women would escape themselves from torture. Men
will not be able to torture them physically. If any incident like this arises, women
can seek legal help.
Thirdly women should get more awareness about their rights. They would get
their due share in the property. They could utilize this for the betterment of their
6. Disadvantages of empowerment Bill:
No doubt, besides its advantages, this law
has some disadvantages as well. If we study Quran, we come to know that man
can punish the women physically if she disobeys, indulges in corruption. But this
punishment should be slight. In this scenario this bill will destroy the family
system. If a women calls police it would be very insulting and disrespecting for
the man. Family violence will start and this might end at the divorce. So, this law
will break the family system creating chaos in the society.

7. Conclusion:
Summing up the discussion, it is suggested that their should be a
strong check and balance on the implementation of this law. If any genuine case
arises where woman is victimized, law should take prompt action and should
handled the case on merit. If we set one or two examples in the society, in future
everyone would be careful.
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Outline of the Essay
1. Meanings and definition of democracy.
2. The opposite of democracy.
3.  The famous democratic countries of the world.
4. Illiteracy a big barrier on the way to democracy.
5. Strong hold of the feudal and the aristocratic.
6. The ways to flourish democracy in Pakistan.

Democracy in Pakistan
Abraham Lincoln once said, “Democracy means government of the people, for the people and by the people”. As per this definition, democracy is a system of the government that is formed by the people, run by the people and it works for the benefit of the people.

The opposite of democracy is ‘dictatorship’. It is one man show. The whole system of the country is governed by one man. A country becomes weak when it is run under dictatorship.

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In a democratic system, the landlord, the aristocracy has to work for the welfare of the common man. In this system, the commoners- the public elect their own representatives. These representatives form a government which works for the welfare of their respective people as well as for the welfare of the whole of the country.

If we have   a glance over the world, we come to know that this system is highly successful in many countries of the world –in America and India democracy is going very well. Our neighbor country India is called the world biggest democratic country.

The true essence of democracy is the development and progress of the people. But unfortunately, in developing countries like Pakistan; this tool is being used against the will of the people. In these countries, democracy has bred and encouraged only hatred and hooliganism.

Now we discuss that what are the main causes of the failure of the democracy in Pakistan. Firstly, we know that literacy rate in Pakistan is very low. Most of the people are ignorant of the true meanings of democracy. They do not know well that what are their basic rights and how can they get basic right. The politicians take advantages of this weakness of the people. They misuse the power of the vote. The result is that the right person does not reach to the corridors of the power.

Landlords and the feudal are the great barriers in the way of democracy. These elements do not want to see common people making progress. At the time of elections, they by using the power of the money bribe the people and buy their vote. In this way the elected assembly is devoid of qualified representatives. When these feudals come into the power, they misuse the power and keep the common people out of the stream of progress.

Martial laws are a big hindrance on the way to democracy. The power hungry Mullahs also misguide the people. They interpret the democracy in a wrong way. People not knowing the fact, follow them blindly, which results in no democracy or crippled democracy.

Now the question is that how can we flourish democracy in Pakistan. Literacy can play a major role in the flourish of the democracy in Pakistan. With the spread of education, people will get awareness about their rights. They will automatically enroll themselves in the stream of development. They will not become puppets in the hands of feudals and that of aristocratic.


Woman Place in Our society and in Islam
1.      Women in all respect equal to men
2.      Status of women in Islam
3.      Status of women in the western counties
4.      Women can play an integral role in the development of the country.
5.      Islam gives much respect to the women
6.      In our country women are not being treated equally

7.      Women must be given education
Men and women are two integral parts of life. God Almighty created everything in pairs and couples. Man alone is nothing in this world. He needs some support. Soon after the creation of Adam, God Almighty created Eve.

Women cover half of the sky in the world. The secret of western countries’ development lies in giving equal opportunities to women in the stream of national development. Man and woman are like two legs of a body, if one leg is not working well, it simply means that your life is limping.

China s’ progress example is very clear to all of us. This country got a tremendous progress in a short span. The reason is that they gave equal opportunities to their women in every walk of life. No nation can progress without the prominent role played by the women.

Unfortunately, in our country, women are not enjoying as equal rights as their counterpart. Women are being treated very harshly and cruelly in our society. They are confined to the houses. Ours is a man dominating society. Women are treated like slaves. The result is that our women are not active in every walk of life. The result is that we are not progressing rapidly.

This woman was treated very cruelly before the promulgation of Islam. It was buried alive. It was not given a due share from her ancestors’ property. Islam raised the status of woman by saying that ‘Heaven lies under the feet of a mother’. Islam appointed their due share in legacy. The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) gave very respect to the women. Islam raised the status of woman.

We are the followers of Islam. We should question to ourselves whether we are giving equal rights to women or not. Undoubtedly, the answer would be in negative. So, it is our duty to give respect and equal opportunities to women in every field of life.

In our society, the woman is considered a property of man. We label them as a commodity. This woman is killed under the so called honour name. Women are not given the freedom of speaking nor the freedom of vote and getting equal rights.

Education is inevitable for the progress of any society. Unfortunately, this right is not being given to the women in our society. Many educated families consider it a taboo to send girls to schools. They are of the view that education is not necessary for the girls. If at all, they provide them education, the motto behind this is to get good match for them. So, they have changed the meanings of education.

Summing up the discussion, it is strongly suggested that women should be given equal rights in this society. They should be included in the national development scheme. Only then this country will be liable to progress in every field of life.

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Smog and Acid Rain
What is Smog?
It is a common name that is given collectively to smoke and fog. Actually it is not fog, it is smoke full of chemicals and acids.

When does it start?
It usually starts at the end of October or at the beginning of November, Smog lasts up to 15 days except it rains soon or weather gets intensively cold.

Smog symptoms?
A smoke like thick clouds prevails over the sky and starts falling downward creating lot of disturbance for the humans. Tears trickle down from the eyes after feeling severe type of irritation. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to breathe. Due to smoke visibility reduces to10 to 15 meters.

What is an Acid Rain?
When sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) take a chemical reaction with water and oxygen (H2O present in the atmosphere, it causes acid rain.

Is there any difference between Smog and Acid Rain?
No there is no difference between smog and acid rain. Both are of same gender. Both are a type of pollution caused by the humans.

Causes of Smog and Acid Rain?
1.      During development and constructive process on vast scale, too much dust particles are released into the air. These particles start accumulating in the sky. They cause acid rain and smog.
2.      Smoke and chemicals that are released by vehicles and industries and mils get entangled and suspended in the air. When weather changes, they start falling to the ground.
3.      When volcano eruption occurs, large quantity of sulfur dioxide releases to the air. It also becomes the major cause of smog and acid rain.

Diseases caused by acid rain?
It is very dangerous for lungs. It can cause irritation in the lungs. If not serious, coughing starts.it can irritate the eyes.

Precautionary Measures.
When you go out use mask and glasses. If possible, wash your eyes after reaching home. Take care of children as it affects the health of tiny winy children.

What is a solution to acid rain or smog?

Government should adopt strict policy while issuing the permit for establishing any industry. There should be a strong check and balance on the industries which release chemicals in the air. During development process raising too much dust should be avoided. People should not burn the garbage. Smoke emitting vehicles should be banned.

 The Problems of Students
      1. The students of present age are restless and disturbed. There are many causes for It.
2    It is not problem faced only by Pakistan but all over the world.
3.  The student unrest is due to social and economic factors. They remained worried about           constantly increasing inflation.
      4.  They are afraid of their long difficult and boring syllabus.
      5. The present age schools and colleges lack play grounds and sports facilities.
      6. There is no proper transportation facility for the students.
Students of this time do not feel satisfied. They go on strikes on one pretext or the other. This is the problem mostly faced by the developing countries and to some extent in the developed countries. No country is exception to it. In our country, the student strikes have taken up an alarming situation.

The students want to get these demands fulfilled. If their demands are not fulfilled, they go on strikes. Some of their demands are real. However, most of them are not based on logic. The student strikes are the result of deep seated reasons. In these strikes, the study work is stopped.

  The students gather outside the boundary of their colleges. They chant slogans against the government and protest against its policies. They abuse the police men and shower stones over them. The public property is robbed and the buses are burnt. The traffic is blocked. In this way, they take the law in their own hands and cause great trouble to the public. These strikes end into serious clashes. They are often lathi charged by the police. Sometime even precious lives are lost. These strikes nave become a problem with every government.

 Let us study the causes of the student unrest with reference to our country. There are many reasons for student unrest.

Firstly, the student unrest is linked with our social and economic conditions. Our social and economic values are rapidly changing. Our country is a capitalist. The fruits of capitalism are unemployment, inflation the loss of moral and spiritual values. These forces produce in our young men a sort of frustration. The educated persons do not get Jobs after the completion of their education.

They do not attend to their Classes because they consider it a burden on their mind. They stay away from their classes and try to give themselves relief by going on strikes.

Secondly, some of their problems are quite real and need our attention. The transportation problem is at the top. In the recent years, this problem has given birth to great unrest among the students. The government cannot provide them enough number of buses. They have a few buses at their disposal. However, the students have been given concession in the bus fare. This concession has not been properly utilized.

Our students have notion that studies ends in a job. But many students are unable to get jobs after the completion of education.

 This is something to which they do not reconcile. They have their own ambitions and desires to fulfil. When their ambitions and desires are not fulfilled, they become restless. This frustration travels to colleges and universities. The students are greatly influenced by it. They give an expression to this frustration by going on strike.

 Thirdly, our students have to study very difficult and lengthy syllabus. They are not related the day to day life. The students do not find interest in their books.

 Fourthly, the colleges and universities in our country suffer from lack of facilities in the field of sports and education. There is a shortage of teachers, playgrounds, libraries and laboratories. These 'Factors are responsible for the indiscipline among the students.

If we provide them better educational facilities, proper transportation system, play grounds and other sports facilities, proper career counseling, jobs surety, sense of security and equity, the problems and unrest among the students can be reduced  maximum.


Inflation or Price Hike
1.     Definition of inflation or price hike
2.     Is it Pakistan s’ problem or a worldwide problem?
3.     Factors behind inflation
4.     How to check inflation: masses role
5.     A Government should play an active role to keep the prices of daily commodities in control
Constantly or sudden rise in prices is called inflation. When any item of daily or necessary use goes out of the reach of the common people, it is called inflation. The people who face inflation are called inflation stricken people. The lives of the commoners become very difficult and they can hardly make their both ends meet. Above all life standard falls.

Inflation is the problem of developing or under developing countries. It is not the problem of advanced or developed countries. In the developed countries, the hold of the government is very strong and the people of these countries are highly educated. They refuse to buy anything which has an artificial increase. In the developing countries, like Pakistan, the people are not so much educated and they are cheated easily by business crocodiles.

There are countless factors behind inflation. First, when government prints too many currency notes, it causes inflation. In this situation, the people have more money to pay. So, seeing this trend, the seller sets the prices of his choice. Second, increase in population causes inflation. The numbers of the buyers increase as compared to the availability of commodities in the market. So the prices go high. Third, if any firm or businessman has a monopoly in production of any item of necessity, it also causes inflation. In this situation, he increases the prices whenever he desires. Fourth, in the developing countries like Pakistan, the developmental activities also cause inflation. The money invested on these projects, increases the circulation of money in the country. The people have more money and they are ready to buy anything of his choice price.

Now, we discuss how to bring thin problem in control. Media can play a vital role to check this problem. Media should raise awareness against this problem. People should boycott the products which have an artificial increase in prices. Above all, the government should play an active and positive role to check the problem of inflation.

Summing up, we can say that inflation is a temporary increase in prices and it can be controlled very easily if the government as well as the people becomes active, sensible and vigilant.

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